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Apple's iOS 7 Introduction

Not only does the new iOS 7 improve the aesthetic appeal of Apple's popular mobile software, but it also adds a lot of new features that drastically improve the user experience as well. One of the best examples is the quick access to a screen with often changed settings like brightness, wireless connectivity, music controls, airdrop, and shortcuts to the camera, flashlight, calculator and alarm, all via an upward swipe from any screen. You can swipe to zoom now while you are recording video and the lock screen can now be opened by swiping anywhere on the screen instead of the previous unlock slider, which makes it a lot easier for users to unlock their iPhones. The update also brings along faster performance and preserves iOS 6's battery performance.

As for the appearance, iOS 7 now has transparent layers that give the phone a modern look and allow the user to keep a sense of fullscreen context when there are overlays like the keyboard or keypad. When dialing on the phone the keys fade to reveal the background, which have also been updated to give a 3D effect as they move when the phone is tilted. While the screen is now designed to be more three dimensional to show the hierarchy of open apps, the icons and screens have been redesigned to look flat and have a completely new color scheme that looks wonderful. The clock app now has a 'live' icon that always displays the current time. Hopefully the weather icon will also get updated to display the current weather for the final release and Apple will allow for developers to use this 'live icon' feature, which could be very useful for quick updates.

Lastly, remember these are features that we can see from the video above and the iOS 7 beta 3 version and while they probably won't change a ton, Apple is sure to add new features before the final release. We will keep you up to date on these new features so check back soon to find out more and add ByteWare to your RSS reader to follow our posts!