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Government Enforced Privacy Rules For Apps



After a year of attempts, a government proposal has been created that aims to enforce strict privacy rules for app developers. If passed into law, the proposal would make developers release what data they collect and how it is used.

“The US government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration today issued its first draft of what will be a mobile apps code of conduct intended to better protect consumers and their privacy. If made final, policy states that publishers must provide consumers with “short-form” notices in multiple languages informing them of how their data is being used [...]

Just so that there’s no doubt about what “data” means, the government entity specifically says it includes biometrics, browser history, phone or text log, contacts, financial info, health, medical, or therapy info, location, and user files …”

There is no telling how long it might take for the proposal to be turned into law, if ever, and the process at this point is voluntary so there is no requirement for developers to comply. We can only hope that the pressure from the public and adoption of the policies outlined by the proposal will be followed by the large developers, which might then incite change toward a safer mobile user experience.

Posted on July 27, 2013 and filed under App Industry.

6 Reasons Apps Are Great For Business

Make sure that your business is getting the most out of the devices that millions already own by using mobile apps for expanding your consumer base, marketing, accessing customers offline, and social media integration. If you look around when you are driving, most people are looking at their phones; people look at their phones so much they don't even watch the road! Obviously, mobile apps are the next powerful marketing tool for businesses. Here are six good reasons why mobile apps are great for business.

1. Give customers a great mobile experience. Websites suck on mobile devices, but apps offer an intuitive user experience that is fast, easy and works offline.

2. Do things that websites can't. Mobile apps can take advantage of the increasingly powerful mobile hardware by giving customers GPS directions to your business, take pictures and video, and scan QR codes for discounts, websites, contact info or download a program. Overall, mobile apps allow for a more interaction with your customers.

3. Apps are always accessible, despite connectivity. Websites can only be used when users have access to the internet, but your customers can interact with a mobile app anytime they want, which gives them 24/7 access to your business.

4. Apps are like digital business cards. Like any interaction with your customers, mobile apps give them an idea of what your company is all about and gives you a chance to connect with customers and provide them with information about your business.

5. Apps offer a better user experience, which is increasingly more important. Create a relationship with the customer, especially through the integration of social media where you can communicate with users worldwide and see what they are saying about your business.

6. A typical person spends about 4+ hours per day using a smartphone. Compared to only about 1 hour per day using a personal computer. Therefore users will spend more time using your mobile app than your website.

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