Help keep Dona Ana County beautiful by reporting illegal dumpsites.



Join the movement against illegal dumping in Dona Ana County with NoThrow. It's a simple way to easily and discretely report illegal dumping. With a quick photo and a few simple steps, you can be a vital player in UnTrashing Our Desert!

Federal, county and city entities within Dona Ana County have joined forces to launch a comprehensive campaign to involve concerned community members to help stop illegal dumping. The goal of our combined efforts will increase the beauty of the landscape; improve the health of the environment for wildlife and future generations to enjoy; improve public health and safety; and improve the local economy for the benefit of all Dona Ana County residents.



  • Engaging user interface allows you to take a picture of illegal dumping activity and create an initial report with details.
  • Customize your report using intuitive size and category options and provide detailed comments of illegal dumping activity.
  • Share location information from your iOS device along with your photo and report with multiple agencies for official follow-up.
  • Information page with hyperlinks to cooperating agencies for convenient access to contact information for further questions.




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